The laboratory was created for professionally oriented young musicians studying piano, looking for answers to creative questions and dreaming about a future as a performing musician who need additional professional assistance or want to find a new starting point.

The laboratory is a creative space for interpreting different compositions, formulating an individual creative outlook, expanding professional knowledge, and building an artistic image. The laboratory is constantly developing, adding new current topics to its programs, while preserving the traditional methods of musical education and priorities of the Russian piano school that has received international recognition.

All current students of the Interpretation Laboratory are part of the Youth Concert Union associated with the laboratory as a necessary practical aspect of artistic education.

The Interpretation Laboratory classes are led by Elena Tarasova. A special series of master-classes are led by professors from different universities around the world. The special series of 2021 held by Boris Berezovsky, Boris Petrushansky, Pavel Nersessian, Andrey Pisarev.
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